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Automation equipment design engineer

Job responsibilities:

1, Responsible for design and development of automation equipment for connector.

2, Responsible for automation equipment assembly and commissioning for connector.

3, Establish and improve the equipment management system and organize their implementation, including the equipment validation, file management, etc.;

4, Make SOP file for all sorts of equipment, and organize the traing for the equipment operators, to ensure equipment operation have rules-based;

5, Cooperate to complete the project implementation, test and acceptance work.

6, Make the plan of equipment spare parts, to ensure appropriate spare parts inventory can meet financial goals and the requirements of equipment maintenance.


1, Major in Mechanical design and automation, bachelor degree or above;

2, Proficient in application of SolidWorKs and AutoCAD software;

4, Has strong ability to analyze and solve problems independently;

5, Familiar with ISO - 9001, ISO / 16949 quality management standards.

6, Has strong sense of responsibility and team work spirit, have strong self-learning ability, able to work under pressure;

7.Well-paid 10 years working experience in automation equipment (connector) design engineer.


Connector product design engineers

Job responsibilities:

1, Implement project feasibility analysis according to the business development and market demand,

2, Tracking professional technical objects of connectors, follow the latest technology.

3 , Complete the design scheme effectively and efficiently.

4  Finish drawing accordance with company standard.

5, Design feasibility and  economical review;

6, Provide technical support .

7, Provide materials, technology and the application data for production.

8, Follow new product development process and improvement process of old products.


1, Well-paid more than 10 years working experience in design of FPC, B TB, high-speed IO interface connector area .

2, College or above major in engineering/design 

3, Be familiar with using 2 d / 3 d software;

4, Master related knowledge for all kinds of plastic and metal materials , be familiar with plastic mold, metal mold, fixture and other structure and processing technology;

5, Familiar with plating process and understand related technical requirements;

6, Familiar with the design and test standard for connector (such as, IEC, GB, the EIA, etc.)

7, Familiar with ISO - 9001, ISO / 16949 quality management standards.

8, Has strong ability of judgment and decision-making, interpersonal and communication skills.